Greeting note of the South African Consul General Tselane Mokuena

As South African Consul General for Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg, I support the "Africa Calendar 2010" - a Bavarian Project of SHARE FOR SMILES e.V., a project that supports poor children and young people in Africa just in the time of the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup TM in South Africa.


The vision and the project of SHARE FOR SMILES are based on an innovative social marketing approach contributing to a socioeconomic balance in Africa.


Together with the Philipp Lahm-Foundation, SHARE FOR SMILES offers a unique and innovative gift concept for companies and private individuals: the Africa Calendar 2010. The "Africa Calendar" on this occasion shows the beauty and fascination of the African continent and wants to support educational opportunities of young Africans at the same time. The fact that a hundred percent of the proceeds of the calendar are donated directly to orphanages and schools in South Africa and other African countries makes the calendar even more unique.


In my country, the people try to take each other's hands and help each other. We follow what we call the philosophy of ubuntu: a belief in the interconnectedness of  people. I am really pleased that SHARE FOR SMILES, an association in Bavaria, conceives exactly that idea and gives people the unique opportunity to share with needy children in Africa to give them a future with perspective.


For us in South Africa the 2010 FIFA World Cup TM is an important occasion. We will not only welcome numerous tourists, but we can show the world that Africa is ready to host it. I hope you enjoy the "Africa Calendar 2010" and I would be happy to welcome you in South Africa, not just for the FIFA World CupTM, but at any time.

Tselane Mokuena
Tselane Mokuena


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