Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

Develop sustainable perspectives for needy children and teenagers in Africa through meaningful presents with a special social value.


Our Mission

  • SHARE FOR SMILES supports educational projects for needy children and youths in Africa
  • SHARE FOR SMILES funds projects emphasiszing the development of sustainable perspectives
  • SHARE FOR SMILES provides gift ideas with a special social value and generates the necessary funding by selling the Africa Calendar.


The leitmotifs of our work are:

  • We actively take over responsibility for needy children and youths in Africa
  • We promote our projects preserving the country's regional culture
  • We work for SHARE FOR SMILES only on honorary basis
  • All the proceeds of our voluntary work benefit our projects in Africa at 100 %
  • We share for smiles by helping children and youths in Africa


Core message

„Is there anything nicer than sharing for smiles?“


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