What do you really need? What do you have? What can you



In our western world almost every wish can be fulfilled, while children in Africa often seem to be happier and more satisfied with essential and simple things. However these essential things - such as education and sports facilities- are often out of reach for many African children.


 A smile


This thought has given us the drive to act. SHARE FOR SMILES offers everyone the possibility to share a smile with children in Africa.


How does it work? It's easy!


Buy Africa Calendar with striking impressions of Africa for yourself or as a gift. Every single cent of your money spent on this calendar will be thoroughly distributed between our supported projects in Africa for the purpose of enhacing education, sports and health facilities.


Our performance


SHARE FOR SMILES e. V. members work on voluntary basis.


Support our project with the purchase of this calendar. Present a calendar and give African children a smile.


For maximum transparency we report about the projects' achievements on our webpage.




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