Development of perspectives through sustainable project promotion


The aims of the registered association Share for Smiles are the advancement of schooling and education, child and youth sercices as well as the support of needy children and teenagers in Africa.

All decisions for projects follow the charter of Share for Smiles and the following principles:



We support especially projects and organisations


  • in the educational field, also connected with sports and health (e.g.schools and projects for orphans)
  • that want to improve their economic, social and ecological sustainability
  • that are known by at least of one of our members by on-site inspection
  • whose project managers and organisation enjoy our confidence
  • where expertise in judgement is given because of regional knowledge (currently Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and South Africa)


In doing so Share for Smiles itself takes the initiative through active co-creation and guidance to sustainable project management.



Grant-worthy are actions


  •  that provide the requirements for self-help and therefore develop sustainable perspectives.
  • that reduce the dependence on donations (for example by diminishing or avoiding operational costs).
  • that regard innovative approaches.
  • whose calculated costs are in sensible proportion to the benefit for the supported children and teenagers.


Prerequisites for the funding by Share for Smiles are

  • the planning of appropriation: project proposal (1-2 pages) including details on the necessity, aims, contents, risks and economic efficiency, as well as sustainability, duration and costs
  • schedule
  • documentation of costs including contribution receipts
  • the fundamental willingness for personal contribution
  • non- profit status of the project


We do not support

  • scholarships or any other general donations for indiciduals.
  • neither regular running and stuff costs, nor travel expenses
  • the purchase or lease of property

Based on the project proposal Share for Smiles examines if the proposal qualifies for support.


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