Shongi Soccer a project of Philipp Lahm foundation


With the project "Shongi Soccer" the Philipp Lahm Foundation is helping to build a sports ground between two townships near the South African capital Johannesburg, in order to offer young people of the area the chances that sport and education can bring.


Those who grow up there live without perspectives in poverty and misery. Families are destroyed by destitution and disease, children are often left to fend for themselves, and young people have nowhere to go. The sports ground offers them new opportunities, and several South African NGOs work here together, approaching young people through their shared enthusiasm for football and promoting sporting values such as team spirit, fairness, and respect for rules. At the same time this is a way to encourage basic understanding of health issues (especially AIDS prevention) and economic fundamentals - the only way to open the door to new chances in life.


The project has also drawn the attention of local politicians, which has resulted in the townships being connected to the electricity system - an important and sustainable development. "Soul Soccer" is bringing sports, education, light and new hope to young people.





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