Prospects for the kids from Gweta, Wildlife conservation and children's Aid: Environmental education for sustainable conservation Center in Gweta


The benefit of this calendar goes to the newly founded help- and environmental education sustainable conservation center for children and youth in Gweta, which is placed on the brink of the big Makgadikgadi-salt pans in Botswana.

The SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund created a very special project, which consists of two components: on the one hand, orphaned, HIV-infected, malnourished and abused kids should be psychical supported and should get needed clothes and food and on the other hand a special environmental education program should open them new prospects in ecotourism.These kids believe because of their tradition, that wild animals like lions, wild dogs or elephants are a vermin.Our environmental education lessons and environment-games will show them a new view: they learn how to appreciate and protect the animals instead of killing them. Therefore we practice sustainable wildlife protection at the environmental education for sustainable conservation center in Gweta. 


SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund is a non-profit foundation founded in Germany, which campaigns specifically for the global and sustainable promotion of nature conservation and species protection, especially in Botswana.


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